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A proven track record of innovations: recognized as Most Influential Industry Contributor by the Digital Analytics Association (2013), Certified Digital Analyst (2010), Web Analytics Association Leadership and Technical Excellence Recognition (2009). Creator of the Online Analytics Maturity Model (2009) and WASP (2006).


Twenty-five years of relevant expertise in online strategies, digital analytics and technologies. Acute knowledge of digital analytics concepts, instrumentation best practices and expert at turning data into insight using the right tools and concepts.

Empowering Confident Decisions

An approach based on a thorough understanding of critical success factors contributing to digital analytics maturity. Striking the balance between optimal and realistic solutions to empower confident business decisions.


Experienced teacher and speaker who share his passion for digital analytics - be it technical 'how to' or assessing organizations' digital analytics maturity, Stephane can walk the talk.


Why should we work with you? Why would you work with us?

If you feel your analytics are going nowhere, you can't trust your data, no decisions are being made and there are more problems than you can handle, we should talk. As the creator of the Online Analytics Maturity Model I can offer years of expertise and hands-on experience in assessing an organization's digital analytics maturity and developing a realistic roadmap to success.

If you have a digital analytics project with a high degree of complexity, uncertainty and risk, we should definitely talk. I only accept a handful of client projects every year - typically advanced digital analytics implementations or R&D proof-of-concept for agencies or large clients.

Why would you train/coach us or speak to our audience?

As an experienced speaker and teacher, I'm happy to train & coach agencies and organizations on advanced techniques as well as digital analytics maturity topics that will contribute to a data-driven culture. "A rising tide lift all boats" - I believe we can all benefit from collaborating and sharing our knowledge.

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Why should you join our advisory board?

I believe I have crafted myself a unique position in the digital analytics field and I can offer my expertise to a few exclusive partners. I'm open to discuss active advisory board positions with agencies as well as established vendors or startups in the digital analytics space, pending there are no conflicts and appropriate compensation.



This is quite different from other consultants or agencies, why are you doing this?

Working as a freelance consultant offers great flexibility and agility to tackle a diversified set of technical challenges and organisational situations. It also means I can openly collaborate with the best partners and agencies, stay ahead of the game, and contribute to their success.